Theme, Tone & Story

The game was determined to be a thoughtful yet melancholic virtual reality experience game where the player would be immersed in a unique world and go through an emotional journey to find a new home hence the title “Homeward”.

The story flow diagram shows  the story progression of the game in the initial design phase. The story of the game was meant to be a prominent feature and is usually a central aspect to the enjoyment of a game, with story and characters being a driving force that propels players through the game and keeps them interested in what happens.  However, in virtual reality games, there is the possibility that the story may be overshadowed by the virtual reality aspect of the game as VR can still be a novelty, especially to newcomers. Therefore, great emphasis was placed on telling a story that was interesting, immersive and, ultimately, thought-provoking but not rigid or too denotative. Consequently, a story that could be interpreted individually by each player — in essence, players would come to their own conclusions about the story and what the game was about — was incorporated. To facilitate the story, it was decided to have very few text objects in the game allowing for greater focus on an individual player experience.

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