Level Design

Level design refers to where the levels of the game are laid out with emphasis on an effective way which facilitates easy flow of gameplay. In addition to this, the story and narrative of the project would be incorporated into the level design so that the story would be the driving factor of the navigation through the levels of the game. 

The attached image shows the initial level design layout that was designed, which was replicated faithfully in the final versions of the project. It can be seen that there is a clear path for the player which is driven heavily by the movement system as well as gameplay events — such as heartbreak” and “cave” — that inform the player on where the journey is going next.  Attempts were made to simulate depth demonstrated by the placed objects in the virtual world.

It was decided early on that the level design phase should incorporate the modular approach to level design for use in the implementation stage.   Modular level design refers to the creation and reuse of game objects in order to create the levels. The modular approach allows for rapid creation of levels although can cause the levels to be repetitive.  This approach proved to be beneficial for the game product as it allowed a one-person team to create immersive levels and saw to avoiding the levels seeming repetitive by being creative with the modular game objects.

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