Art Design / Style & Colour

To avoid VR sickness, graphics should be non-blurry, therefore the graphics were decided to be of high-quality and high-resolution in the game product.  The low-poly art style is what was decided to be the art style of the game and the design of the graphics of the game would follow suit. 

Low-poly art is where polygons — simple two-dimensional shapes comprised of straight lines and angles — are arranged side-by-side to create a clean, minimalist art style.  The art style has become increasingly popular in computer games particularly with lower-budget indie titles due to the nostalgic feel of the style as well as the lower production cost aspects.

This might give the impression that the graphics born from the low-poly art style are of lower quality. However, the games The Long Dark, Firewatch, and Gone Home show modern games utilising the low-poly art style where it can be seen that the graphical quality is non-blurry, of high-quality and of high-resolution. In addition, when the low-poly style is used in games, the graphics can be visually appealing.

The low-poly art style is potentially advantageous, especially when applying the style in virtual reality games, in that game objects are more efficiently rendered compared to higher quality, higher-poly graphics which is of benefit in VR games where optimisation is key to maintaining arget FPS.

Colour, itself, is a very powerful design choice that can elicit certain emotions and reactions from the player.  Therefore, choosing dimmer, cooler colours that evoke a sense of melancholy and thoughtfulness, as to be in congruence with the tone of the game, were chosen for the colour palette.

Colours that combine shades of blue can work very harmoniously together bringing out certain emotions. Therefore, attempts were made to create that melancholic, thoughtful tone from shades of blue for the game.  Adding colours outside of a defined colour palette can have a visually striking effect if done correctly so an additional analogous colour palette of blue was created for moments or objects in the game that required further impact.

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